Folk dance callers' web sites

In July 2020 Louise Siddons of the Scissortail Traditional Dance Society organised a Zoom meeting where Colin Hume presented and discussed the contents of web sites set-up by folk dance callers.

The following table gives links to the sites of some of the callers present, and to sites mentioned during the meeting:

Caller Web site links Information
Colin Hume
Letchworth, UK
Site started: 2001
Software: HTML, CSS, Javascript,, WebEdit, Dance Organiser
Louise Siddons
Stillwater, OK, USA Software: HTML, CSS
Graham Foster
Bedford, UK Site started: 2013
Software: HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, Zoom search engine, Notepad++
Pat Shaw
lived in UK Maintained by the Pat Shaw Legacy Group
Antony Heywood
Netherlands Country dance database with almost 20,000 entries
Site started: 2005
Software: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL
Renée Camus
Los Angeles, CA, USA
Site started: 2014
Software: WordPress

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