Alternate Mistwold


The original dance "Mistwold"
as written by David Newitt

The dance "Alternate Mistwold"

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"Mistwold" is a superb tune written by the musician and caller Dudley Laufman of New Hampshire. David Newitt wrote a duple minor dance for it; see CDSS News August 1993. The timing of the moves for the progression in this dance catches dancers out as they tend to perform the ½ figure 8 to finish at the end of an 8 bar phrase of the music (which is what happens in most dances). This leaves them no time to change places with their partner by crossing over. See the first video on the right.

Leaving out this cross over, I came up with a progression where the 1st couple dance proper and improper for alternate turns through the dance.

The "Alternate" in the title can be pronounced either way, or , as both are appropriate.


Duple minor, initially starting proper


A score is available at THE SESSION.


A1 1‑4Back to back partner;
5‑8circle left in fours.
A2 1‑4Back to back neighbour;
5‑8circle left again.
B1 1‑2Set right and left to partner,
3‑41st couple cast down while 2nd couple move up;
5‑81st couple ½ figure of 8 up through 2nd couple.
All are now in progressed places.
B2 1‑2Fall back with neighbour,
3‑4come forward turning single;
5‑8two hand turn partner (exactly) once round.

Note that 1st couple are improper at this point; they dance from improper positions the next time through the figure, finishing proper.

New 1st couples coming in at the top always commence proper, so 2nd couples reaching the top of the longways set do not change sides.

1st couples reaching the bottom may have to change sides to re-enter the dance as a 2nd couple (who are always proper).