Notation, music and notes for dances

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The list of dances given below includes:

N New dances that I have written in the folk-dance style,
V Variations, modifications & interpretations I have made of existing dances, and
S Dances by other people that have special features or significance.
Name & link Formation
N Companions at 75 Duple minor (proper), double progression
N Step Gently 3 couple U
N Hanged Man's Reel 4 couple Beckett
N Anxiety Big circle
N Butterfingers 5 couple longways
V Alternate Mistwold Duple minor
V Prince William 3 couple longways
V Pilgarlic 3 couple longways
S Miss Sayer's Allemande 3 couple longways
S Windmills 4 couple longways
V Barham Down Duple minor (proper)
V The Rainbow Revealed Duple minor (2s improper)
V Taking Liberties 3 couple longways (2s improper)
V Longer Odds Duple minor (2s improper)
N Almost Anything 3 couple longways
V Susan's Birthday 3 couple longways (1s & 3s improper)
V The Miser's Jewel 3 couple longways
S The Broome Blows Bonnie or
Heather Bound
Duple minor (1s improper)