I often finish evenings that I am calling with Bernie Chalk's dance "Nervous Breakdown". This is a big circle dance in which you progress rapidly around the circle, so giving the opportunity to say "goodnight" to at least half the people. However, it is not suitable for a Playford evening, so I came up with this dance; the first half is the same as Nervous Breakdown, but I usually employ less boisterous music.

And the name? Well — Playford preceeded the current folk dances, and anxiety can preceed a nervous breakdown!


Big circle of couples. Face you partner, so ladies are facing clockwise around the circle, and men anti-clockwise.



A1 1‑4Right hand turn partner, then pass them by the way you were originally facing;
5‑8left hand turn the person you meet, and pass them by in the same direction.
A2 1‑4Two hand turn next person and pass them by in same direction;
5‑8back-to-back the next person, and pass them by in the same direction to the next (5th) person.
B1 1‑8Into-line siding right shoulder to right shoulder; then left shoulder to left shoulder (do not pass on).
B2 1‑4Set right and left, and turn single;
5‑8face centre of circle, lead this person in, turn individually and lead out. Face them in original direction round the circle ready to start again.


Graham Foster, March 2010