Companions at 75


Dancers, band & caller at 
Fine Companions 75th anniversary
Fine Companions 75th anniversary dance
with Orange and Blue band
photo: Adrian Bull 

The Fine Companions folk dance club of Beford, England, UK celebrated their 75th anniversary in 2010. I was asked to call for the Anniversary dance held on 16 July 2010, and I wrote this dance for the occasion. Roger Nicholls, who was the leader of the Orange & Blue band and a long-standing member of Fine Companions, composed music for the dance.

The dance aims to combine old and new. The first half is in 18th century style, while the second half contains more modern figures.


Longways duple minor proper (double progression).

It is not a good idea to have a 'spare' couple at the bottom when the sets are made up. Even if the couple there during the walk through manage, it will confuse subsequent couples who progress to the bottom of the set.


The dance "Companions at 75"
Fine Companions club band playing
Graham Foster calling

A 48 bar tune (AABCCD) for the dance was composed by Roger Nicholls. This has a key change between its first and second half which complements the change in dance style.

The following two tracks give 5x48 bars, and then 2x48 bars. The latter is suitable for "a few more turns", a convention seems to have gone out of fashion lately.

I had hoped one day to get a recording of Roger Nicholls' band, the Orange and Blue, playing this tune, but unfortunately it never happened. So here is a recording of Roger playing it solo on the accordion.

A score is available online.


A1 1‑4Set right and left to partner, turn single;
5‑8two-hand turn partner once round.
A2 1‑2First corners (M1 & W2) forward to meet,
3‑4first corners retire to places while second corners forward to meet,
5‑6second corners retire and first corners change places,
7‑8second corners change places.
B 1‑4All back-to-back partner,
5‑82nd couple ½ figure of 8 down through 1st couple.
C1 1‑8Balance (R,L,R,L) and swing new neighbour to change places.
Couples at top and bottom of set balance & swing partner to finish proper, then stand out C2 & D 5‑8.
C2 1‑8Ladies chain across and back.
D 1‑4Lines forward and back,
5‑81st couple ½ figure of 8 up through the 2nd couple who are currently immediately above them to (double) progressed places - all are proper.


Graham Foster, July 2010