The Miser's Jewel


This started out as a triple minor in Thompson Vol. II, 1765. A 3-couple longways version was presented by Bernard Bentley in The Fallibroome Collection Vol. 5.

The variation given below changes the movements in (just) C2 to give a more symmetric, slightly unusual progression.


Three couple longways.


The dance has its own tune in 2/4 time. This is played AABBCC.

A score is available on Colin Hume's website.


A1 1‑41st couple cast down to middle place, while 2nd couple move up,
5‑81st and 3rd couples circle left.
A2 1‑41st couple cast up to top, while 2nd couple move back down,
5‑81st and 2nd couples circle left.
B1 1‑8All face up and take cross-hand hold with partner, 1st couple wheel left and go between other two couples to start a reel-of-three as couples.
B2 1‑8Complete the reel-of-three as couples.
C1 1‑8Middle couple (2s), followed by top couple (1s), lead down through bottom couple (3s), and cast up to top of set.
C2 1‑8Couple now in middle (1s), followed by bottom couple (3s), lead up through top couple (2s), and cast down to bottom of set into progressed places (2-3-1).