Amplifier, speakers & CD-player

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Fender Passport PD150 PLUS

Photograph of 
Fender Passport PD150+ controls and CD player
Fender Passport PD150+
controls and CD player
Photograph of 
Fender Passport PD150+ amplifier and speakers closed for transit
Fender Passport PD150+
amplifier & speakers
closed for transit
Photograph of 
Fender Passport PD150+ amplifier and speakers separated.
Fender Passport PD150+
amplifier and speakers
In use, the speakers are
positioned well away on stands

This is a compact, easily transported system which I find most convenient. The four channels that it provides are just adequate when calling to recorded music. I use them as follows:

1.Radio microphone
2.Wired microphone
3.Tablet computer
4.CD player

Some comments on the Fender passport PD150 PLUS:

With 75 watts to each of the two speakers it is powerful enough for the venues where I call.
It is unfortunate that the 4th channel can only be used by the built-in CD player and not for any other source.
With so much folk dance music still only available on CD, having a built-in CD player is an advantage. It saves having to carry around a stand-alone unit. In addition, having two sources for recorded music (CD and tablet computer) is reassuring.
The four catches that secure the pair of speakers to the amplifier for transportation are effective, but the return stops built into them are tiny plastic blocks. Two of these have broken off. Engaging the damaged latches is tiresome and could lead to a catch not being positively engaged.
In common with many other public address amplifiers, the volume controls for each of input channels are the same size as all the other controls. In many applications for PA systems such volumes are set before the performance and rarely changed. However, folk dancing to recorded music requires very frequent changes as the sound levels in different tracks vary. In addition, playing a track while the dancers are coming onto the floor usually requires a lower volume than when the same track is subsequently used for dancing.
That said, the controls on the PD150+ are not tiny and are well organised.
The nearest equivalent system currently available from Fender is the PASSPORT Conference. This has grossly simplified controls and does not contain the built-in CD player instead having a third mic/line input.