Microphones used when calling folk dances

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Shure PG30

Photograph of Shure PG30TQG headset 
microphone & PG1 bodypack
Shure PG30TQG headset
microphone & PG1 bodypack
Photograph of Shure PG4 Wireless Receiver
Shure PG4 Wireless

I do not like hand-held microphones, and if I have to use one I will try to put it on a stand rather than hold it. I therefore use a Shure PG30 wireless headset microphone system. I am very satisfied with this equipment.

A few points are worth noting:

Fender P-51

Photograph of Fender P-51 microphone
Fender P-51 microphone

A headset microphone is rarely sufficient on its own for an event as other people need to use a microphone. This can include the event organiser or the club leader. I therefore aim to have a wired, handheld microphone set up as well.

It is also extremely useful as a fall-back if there are any problems with the radio microphone.