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Local clubs

Information (including contact details and/or links to a web page) for folk dance clubs in and around Bedford, England, UK are given in the Clubs & programmes section of this web site.

Other relevant web sites

Links to a number of other web sites have arisen elsewhere on this site, but some further resources worth noting are:
  1. English Folk Dance and Song Society (EFDSS)
  2. The "Full English" archive collections and the collections in the Vaughan Williams Memorial Library at Cecil Sharp House, London
  3. The Dancing Master, 1651-1728: An Illustrated Compendium
  4. Antony Heywood's Country Dance Database which contains over 20,000 entries.
  5. Cambridge folk dance index
  6. Elements of English Country Dance explains the meaning of the terms used in descriptions of English & American folk dances.
  7. English Country Dance Manual, by Village Green English Country Dancers (Winnipeg, Canada), gives an extremely detailed account of dance forms, movements, steps & figures. In a few cases the terminology differs from that usually employed in England.
  8. A database of over 1000 traditional British related folk dance tunes.
  9. The Traditional Music Library.
  10. Thomas Green's Barn Dance Repertoire
  11. English/American dancing - a comparison
  12. CDSS Online Library by the Country Dance & Song Society in the USA. This includes collections of dances written &/or interpreted by Charles Bolton, Ken Sheffield, and others.
  13. Dance Video Archives has links to videos of Contra dances, English Country Dances (i.e. Playford), Morris, and Square dances together with instructions for each dance.
  14. English Country Dance videos is an extensive list, by the Lambertville Country Dancers, covering Playford and modern English Country Dances. As of March 2020 this database had 4010 links to videos of 1301 separate dances.
  15. Dance and music resources by The Round, which is Cambridge University's English Country Dance Society. This includes explanation and transcription (where copyright allows) of most of Cecil Sharp's "The Country Dance Book".
  16. A web site for Pat Shaw
  17. Bedford Early Dance and Music organises historical dance workshops in Bedford.
  18. Restoration of 78rpm records by Roger Wilmut

    and last, but definitely not least...

  19. Colin Hume's web site, which, in addition to lots of information and discussion of folk dancing, now includes over 1300 folk dance tunes which can be listened to, and downloaded as sheet music, midi files, or in abc notation.