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Music (that is audio) copyright

Music tracks that contain in their link (but not those with ) may be downloaded and used for personal and non-commercial purposes. The tracks must not be broadcast nor sold without the permission of the copyright holder who can be contacted through the e-mail address given at the top of the Links & contacts page. In many browsers right-clicking on such a link allows the ".mp3" file to be downloaded and saved locally.

Movies by Graham Foster

This page provides access to two batches of 'movies':

  1. 8mm cine films made in the 1970s. These concern mountaineering along with travel and scouting.
    It should be noted that these have nothing to do with folk dancing.
  2. Videos made since 2019 of folk dancing. Links to each of these have already appeared elsewhere on this website.


This site uses cookies only on the page for finding named dances amongst the programmes of the Bedford Tuesday Playford group. This usage is for the 'purpose of carrying out the transmission of a communication over an electronic communications network'.

Cookies are not used anywhere else. However, if you

  1. click a link that invokes the pop-up GF music player (such links are usually indicated by ),

    and also

  2. change the volume of the sound that is playing by adjusting a slider accessed inside the GF music player window (this is only possible in some browsers),

then the volume setting will be saved in the web localStorage of the browser on your computer.

iTunes - beware!

Links to acquire music from iTunes are given at a few places on this site. However, installing the Apple iTunes software for this can have unwelcome consequences:

Playing links to YouTube, particularly on Android tablets

Walking-through and dancing
a progressive folk dance

There are a number of links to YouTube videos from this website. The example on the right is taken from the Graham Foster home page.

Access keys

A number of web browser "access keys" are enabled for some pages on this website. These allow keyboard short-cuts to be used to switch between pages. How these are accessed depends on and varies with the browser. For example:

For further information and other browsers see here.

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Content details for banner illustrations

The primary pages of this web site each have a banner which is made-up of photographs, diagrams, etc. Details of the contents of these banners can be found through the following links:

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The details can each also be reached by clicking the magnifying glass which appears in the top right-hand corner of each banner illustration.