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Here are some of the folk dance clubs in Bedford, England, UK and the surrounding area. In the section for each club links are given to their web site (where available) and to the dance programmes that I have called recently:

Tuesday Playford, Bedford

Dancing "Dick's Maggot" at Bedford Tuesday Playford
to an extended recording of the Kenton Ramblers

The Tuesday Playford group concentrate on dances from the 17th and 18th century, starting with the book “The English Dancing Mater: OR, Plaine and eaie Rules for the Dancing of Country Dances, with the Tune to each Dance.” published in London by John Playford in 1651. Manuscripts and numerous other books of English country dances that where published in the following 150 years or so (until fashion and couple dances like the waltz pushed them out of the ballrooms) have now been found. The group dances some of these, along with dances made up recently in the same style. My dance “Step Gently” falls into this category.

The group meets on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month (except August and Christmas) at the village hall in Nodders Way, Biddenham (MK40 4BJ) just west of Bedford. Nodders Way is opposite the Biddenham village pub, The Three Tuns.

A schedule is available for forthcoming events.

Map of Bedford area
Location of Biddenham, Bedford, UK

Programmes (by Graham Foster, see note after the following list)

Note: The above programmes for the Tuesday Playford group are just those called by Graham Foster, as are all the other programme links given on this page. Programmes back to 1990 by all callers at Tuesday Playford can be viewed here.

Bedford Folk Dance Club (formerly Bedford Barn Dancers)

For further information see their web site.


Fine Companions, Bedford

Fine Companions have a web site. There are also videos of dancing to the club band and of the the public dances which they organise in Bedford every other month.

I wrote a new dance “Companions at 75” for their 75th aniversary in 2010.


Tudor Reeds, Bedford

Some information can be found on a Bedford Borough local information web site.


Staplers, Hitchin

For further information see their web site.


Rushden Folk Dance Club

Some information can be found on the Set and Turn Single web site.


Titchmarsh Folk Dance Club

For further information see their web site.